November 28, 2008

This morning I weighed in at 189.8lbs. That means that if I lose 4.8 more pounds, I’ll have hit my goal of 185. Which means that, all of a sudden, I won’t have to worry quite so much about counting calories.

Will I be able to handle that? I have no idea. It’s going to be really weird to suddenly be able to eat another few hundred calories in the day and not fret over it. Sometimes I wonder if I have given myself an eating disorder. Then I realize I still eat whatever I want, just not whole tubs of it, and I’m still eating more than enough calories per day to keep me going, so I figure it’s not *that* bad.

I’ve always heard that when it comes to losing weight, it’s not a habit change, it’s a lifestyle change. Like, in order to be fit, you have to change your whole lifestyle and get used to doing things like working out (something I still struggle with this time of year because of my noncompliant sinuses) and being mindful of what you consume and how much of it you eat.

Like, for example, today I ate everything I wanted: turkey, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, a crescent roll, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. My total calorie amount was 1400 calories, roughly. I ate what I wanted, but I didn’t eat too much of it. I ate slow, I drank Diet Coke or Diet Mountain Dew, I talked to the family… I didn’t over do it and I stopped when I was full.

I always though it was magic or something, but it’s not. You just have to know how to act and how to eat. That’s all it takes to lose weight.


The Less Weight Update

November 18, 2008

My weight, as of right now, is 191.8lbs. My new goal has been 185, but along the way I’ve found myself not able to work out like I’d like to, blog like I’d like to, or do any of that other stuff I should be doing to hold myself accountable. (I’m still watching my calories and still working out a few times a week, but not daily like I should be.)

My weight loss has slowed down, but that’s okay. I’ve been cutting myself some slack lately, as I’ve been under the weather and stressed out due to work. As we all know, the best way to handle stress is with exercise, but that also means increased eating and increased general weariness about not wanting to be bothered to work out. Add to that the fact that my workout stuff is in the basement and it’s cold down here means that I’m much less likely to get down and work up a sweat.

HOWEVER, I am starting a new routine. Starting tomorrow, people from a local fitness training group will be coming to the location where I work to conduct classes twice a week, and if I can remember tomorrow, that’s what I’m going to be doing to try and bust myself out of my funk. In the spirit, I may as well get my stuff together before bed tonight so I can be prepared for my first semi-public exercise session. I’m not really looking forward to it, but the opportunity is too good to pass up, as it’s only like $6.

I only hope more than 10 people show up, so that way the classes will continue.

The Weekly Weigh In

October 22, 2008

Well, it’s not exactly weekly, but I am down to 195lbs as of yesterday morning. No major slip-ups or mistakes, and I’m allowing myself to eat a little bit more freely now that I’m below my goal, but still trying to make smarter choices.

Weekly Weigh In

September 11, 2008

My weight, as of today: 203.6lbs.
Weight until my goal: 3.6lbs.

I forgot a few weeks, obviously. I’m going to try to keep this blog up a little bit better. I had a bad couple of weeks emotionally. I didn’t eat for comfort, thankfully, but I didn’t have the desire to maintain this blog (or any of my other ones). At least I haven’t gained any weight, and hopefully by next week (or before October), I’ll be down below 200lbs for the first time since (probably) middle school!

The Weekly Weigh In

August 24, 2008

My weight, as of today: 209.3lbs.
Weight until my goal: 9.3lbs.

I got bored updating my daily intake/exercise logs, so I figured I’ll skip that stuff unless there’s some insane demand for it. If you want to know roughly what I’m eating every day, just let me know. Otherwise, let’s just assume it’s staying under 1600 calories.

The Weekly Weigh-In

August 14, 2008

I forgot to weigh in this weekend, throwing me off my routine. BUT I weighed in this morning, and I was very pleasantly surprised with my results. Even after eating pretty freely most of last week for my birthday weekend, I’ve still hit my weekly weight loss goal. I’m very pleased!

My weight, as of today: 212.3lbs.
Weight until my goal: 12.3lbs.

I’m so close to 200lbs I can practically smell it. I’m down to the last hole in my belt, my pants look like clown pants on me, and even my underwear (the older pairs anyway) are falling off me. Thrilled doesn’t cover how I’m feeling about my progress thus far. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m already wondering just what my next weight loss goal will be. Maybe I could get down to 180lbs! Who knows?

Hell, I’ve made it this far, right? The sky’s the limit!

Exercise Log (8/9)

August 10, 2008

Yard Work – general 30.0 -245.0 calories
Elliptical trainer: general 25.0 -389.0 calories

My general yard work was pushing around the lawnmower. We have a pretty big yard, so we do have a riding mower (which I used on the backyard), but to try and make up a little bit for pigging out this week, I did the front yard, the edging of the backyard, and the drainage ditch by hand with the push mower. Even though it was a rare non-humid, non-hot, non-sunny day here in Kentucky, it was still a beast to push that mower around.

I hate cutting the grass.

Food Log (8/9)

August 10, 2008

Papa John’s 14-inch Pepperoni Pizza, Whole Wheat Crust 4.00 1,200
Kellogg’s Special K Honey Nut Cereal Bar 1.00 90
Subway Subway Club 1.00 320
Kroger Lite Cherry Vanilla Yogurt 1.00 80

Yeah, I know, this is two days in a row I’ve eaten a ton of salty foods. The pizza is gone now, though. The other half of the Subway Club will be gone tomorrow. It sure did hit the spot tonight, though.

I got the traditional turkey, ham, and roast beef to start out with, then had them add lettuce, onions, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, and hot mustard. If you guys ever need tips on what to eat on your sub sandwich, you just let me know. I know just what goes good with just about any of the Subway sandwiches, be they fitness specials or meatball artery-cloggers.

Exercise Log (8/8)

August 10, 2008

Elliptical trainer: general 25.0 -389.0 calories
30 biceps curls
hamstring and back stretches

I’m working hard to get my flexibility back, but it’s a slow process if you don’t have someone around to help you stretch.

Food Log (8/8)

August 10, 2008

Kellogg’s Special K Honey Nut Cereal Bar 1.00 90
Nabisco Oreo 0.33 53
Kroger Bacon And Tomato Dressing 0.50 60
Dole Greener Selection Salad 1.00 15
Progresso Light Southwestern-style Vegetable (soup) 2.00 120
Papa John’s 14-inch Pepperoni Pizza, Whole Wheat Crust 4.00 1,200

For my traditional birthday pizza, I went with something unusual. Papa John’s has been advertising their new wheat crust pizza for a little while now, and since it was on sale for pretty cheap for a one-topping, I figured I’d give it a try. I don’t think it’s anywhere near health food, but hell, any little bit helps, right? Otherwise I’m mopping the grease off the top of my pie and eating wheat crust for nothing.

Actually, I kind of like the wheat crust better than the white crust. It’s a little more toothsome, has a little more flavor to it, but doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the pizza. It also seems to microwave a little better the next day without changing texture too badly. I hope it sticks around, because I intend on sticking with it.